At Launchpad Multimedia we have been developing innovative learning environments since 1993. Our world class apps are used in classrooms and universities around the world. We develop for desktop and mobile environments. We interface real world environments to competency based learning simulations. Our platforms include Windows, MacOSX, Apple and Android Apps, Augmented and Virtual reality.

Emerging Technologies

Building effective learning environments requires substantial educational, instructional design and experience with emerging technologies. Launchpad Multimedia has been a the forefront of utilising emerging technologies as effective learning tools. This includes our current interest in augmented reality and virtual reality apps and innovative human interfacing.

Award Winning Applications

We love science, health and technical apps. With a background in applied sciences and health, no wonder we win awards for innnovate and effective health and science simulations. Our augmented reality feedback CPR manikin is the first of its type in the world. Our science and educational apps are considered amongst the very best of their genre.

Building Effective Learning Environments

requires experience, creativity, innovation, evaluation

Mobile Learning

We build for iOS and Android device, from phones to tablets.


Unity is a primary development platform. It allows for quick development, robust and world class apps.

Collaborative Learning

We link learners and educators within competency based learning environments

Publishers and Contractors

We develop and publish our own applications. However, we also help special people like you achieve your goals.

Our Portfolio - Preview

You can see from our experience, we know what we are doing and love doing it!
  • Innovation, engagement, evaluation
    at the core of what we do
  • Simulations, collaborative learning, competency based
    the heart of effective learning
  • Multiplatform, emerging technologies, control technolgies
    measuring learning outcomes

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